Top Investors Of All Time


Who Are They?

There are people who always seem to have the best foot forward when it comes to making money. They know how the business works, and they are not letting go of the idea that they are going to achieve more than others. They always seem to know the trick of the trade. There are some notable individuals who stand out in the field of finance, and they are surely here to inspire everyone in the industry.

Thomas Rowe Price is one of the top investors that the world has ever known. Founder of the T. Rowe Price Associates, he lived by his principle of thinking about the desires and needs of the clients first, because these are very essential for the success of a firm. He became a Wall Street investor in 1920, and after several years, he found his own firm and made millions.

Philip A. Fisher is another top name in the business. Known for his bestselling book, Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits, he is known in the field of growth investing. This involves the investment in companies which grow above average. Morningstar, which is a popular company in the field of investment research, name him as one of the top investors of all time.

Warren Buffet, who is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Holdings, is also known as one of the top investors of all time. He is known for his marked philosophy in value investing. People also regard his frugality amidst his popularity when it comes to investments.